LVW's and the LiteOn Tool Collection



I have posted about backing up my firmware, extracting the media table from the firmware and backing up my eeporm using the tools for the liteon PC based burners. I posted the extracted .bin firmware from my ddw-451s and it’s extracted media table and my backed up eeprom along with thrunners firmware he got from his ddw-813s in a post I started in the LiteOn forum cause code65536 wanted to take a look at em.

Both firmwares are standard length (1MB) thet the pc based burners have. ala42 (the author of Media Code Speed Edit) was able to run the Media Code Speed Edit tool on both my and thrunner’s .bin firmwares and it worked. When Orphee gets done trying to reflash his 5005 with thrunners .bin firmware and it works it looks like us 5XXX owners are going to have a whole bunch of tools to use. I been a little cautious about reflashing using the tools because one of the codeguys was not sure if they would work because they were not familiar with the 5XXX’s drives and I have had no bad firmwares to try and recover from but am really thinking about trying it to see if all these tools will work writing to the ddw drive.

Intersting thing with omnipatcher run on my ddw-451s it identified as
Drive type: LDW-451S/851S
Vendor string: LITE-ON
Product string: DVDRW DDW-451S
Firmware revision: G2BD
Firmware timestamp: 2005/01/11 19:52

and ala42 said thrunners 813s id’d as a clone to the 1633s and a rebadged sony. It’s all posted in the liteon forum.

This is gonna be fun. Orphee ya gotta let us know how the reflash went on your dead 813s


What the ----. OK,OK,Ok. Now can you translate the above for an ignoramos.


I’m ----ing excited :bigsmile: I been using the tools to back up my stuff in the event I had a bad flash and couldn’t recover.

The Liteon Tool Collection posted in the LiteOn forum for PC based burners works wonders on PC based burners. Flash to any firmware you want and go back and forth as many times as u want. tweak the write strategies for media. Back up your eeprom, erase the learnt media from the eeprom, add additional media to the firmware that is not there already and the ddw drives in the 5XXX’s don’t know how to write to them.

But as I said I’ve been a little scared to try them writing back to the ddw, cause I’ve had no bad flash on firmware upgrades. But I’ve been dying to try them for all the possibilities they open up, tweaking stuff and writing back to the ddw the tweaked f/w’s and eeprom

Orphee is gonna try it cause he had a bad flash and his drive is dead.


I think what he’s saying is that he’s using digital tools normally useful in dealing with LiteOn’s computer drives to “interact” with the “guts” of the LVW stand-alone recorders.

Again, I think he’s saying he’s saving the info found in the chip, so that if an attempt to upgrade fails, he can still restore what was there originally.

Of course, I’m in the middle of watching SMALLVILLE and could be failing to grasp some part of all this…(which isn’t hard, since I’m mostly an ignoramus with such things myself :iagree: ).


@gastrof …Bingo…you got it!


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