Lvw5115ghc+ judder problem with tv output

My lvw5115ghc+ has been giving me problems with viewing and recording of some cable tv channels, notably Film4 in the UK.

The channel seems ok when cable box is connected directly to tv.
Older b/w films and some colour films leave a trail of outlines in darker moments. Sometimes its like loss of frames is happening.

I hope I am correct in calling this judder.

I have checked all connections and tried the component setting over scart rgb which is a worse picture.

I have to conclude its a problem with the dvd recorder.

Hope you can help before I send this thing back.

I had this problem with my 5115GHC+ some people say it may be to do with overheating or poor recording. Make sure nothing is on top of the recorder and nothings blocking the fan at the back. But if i was you i would take it back.

Also have you tried different media?