LVW5045 & Firmware 203

I don’t often update the firmware on my LVW5045 as the unit seems to work pretty well for what i need ( a glorified VCR ) My previous firmware upgrade was to 197 & the unit was still working fine . My last upgrade was to 203 , this had the effect of stopping my T.V. from detecting the unit when it was turned on. There is nothing unusual about my set up , just a Sony T.V connected with a scart lead to the Liteon unit , usually turn the kit on & the T.V. selects the approriate AV channel & off you go. After the firmware update this wasn’t happening , only worked about 60% of the time , I just thought the T.V. was on the was out & would wait for it’s full death before replacing it , what was curious was my PS2 would work 100% of the time.
Enough rambling basically i downgraded to Firmare 197 again & the system is 100%.
Anyone else have this problem , or just me ? the unit is still working sweet on old firmware , just passing on what I’ve experienced.

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So far, I have not seen that particular issue occur with my LVW-5045 using the firmware version 203. When you power up the LiteOn or any other SCART connected equipment, it places 12 volts on Pin-8 to signal the TV to switch over to SCART. For widescreen playback, the voltage is dropped to 6 volts to signal the TV to switch to 16:9 mode. If your TV only recognises a 12-volt signal as the ‘on’ flag, then chances the unit may only be placing 6 volts on Pin-8 with the new firmware, particularly since widescreen signalling was an issue with the older firmware, i.e. people were reporting their widescreen TV’s switching to 4:3 even though their LiteOn was set to ‘16:9’. :rolleyes:

If you do decide to try the new firmware again, make sure the ‘Video Output’ is set to ‘Scart RGB’ in the ‘System’ menu and the ‘Aspect Ratio’ is set to match your TV in the ‘Playback’ menu.

In my opinion, if you are happy with firmware 197 and have had no issues with it, I would recommend sticking with it, particularly since changing firmware is quite a risky process. :slight_smile: