LVW5045 and Internal Tuner

Hello everybody. When I purchased this recorder and hooked it up I did not have a cable box hooked up to tv at the time and the liteon tuner tuned in all the channels and worked great. I have just moved and upgraded cable and now have a cable box hooked up to tv and the recorder and can’t get tuner to pick up any channels. I have to leave cable box on channel I want to record and leave recorder on channel 3. I have tried all the settings in the menu and nothing worked. What is the exact way to hook up this unit to get tuner to work or is that the way it has to be. My home theater is also hooked up to this and everything works great except tuner. Thank You for the help.

Going by your setup, it appears that you are using a cable decoder in order to watch cable TV. Just like hooking up a satellite receiver to any recording device, this means that the cable decoder will have to be tuned to the channel you intend recording. Unfortunately, the only way you would be able to record one cable channel and watch another would be if you use two cable decoders (one for the TV and another for the DVD recorder). Pretty much all digital cable services use a cable decoder. :doh:

Analogue cable TV services that do not require a decoder work just like receiving your transmissions over the air. In this case, your TV and recording equipment tune in the channels directly and there is no other box for cable, thus allowing more than one channel to be watched or recorded at the same time. Most analogue cable services in the US use this approach. NTL’s analogue cable service in Dublin is another example. I remember the ads in the early days showing how one could watch several cable TV channels through the house as the main reason to choose cable over satellite. However, this is no longer the case with Digital cable decoders, without the use of a separate decoder for each TV and recording device. :rolleyes:

Finally, I would seriously recommend that you use a SCART or SVHS lead to hook up your cable decoder to the DVD recorder. This gives a much improved picture over tuning the cable decoder over the coaxial lead, especially if you are using a digital cable service. :wink: