LVW5006 only records when I don't turn it off

My 5006 worked fine until recently when it started making frisbees.
If I leave it overnight to record a single session from my sky+ box, I can generally finalise it in the morning and it usually works fine (sometimes not, but that’s life). However, if I try to make more than a single recording on a disk, it will kill the whole disk and it just says that there is no disk in the drive; similarly if I turn the unit off between recording and finalising, that’s a non-disk too as far as it’s concerned. Forget doing a timer recording!!!
Is it dead?

Try a DVD+RW because it will not have to be finalised. It sounds like you are having a drive problem. Did you try cleaning the lens? What media are you using?
I have been having good luck using Verbatim DVD+RW and DVD+R media.

Try turning the Protection on in the disc recordings.