LVW5005 System FW - TSOP dump?


Wondering if anyone has dumped the system FW from the main board using an EPROM Programmer? Could ya share the TSOP DUMP?

Was trying to update the system FW via the CD I created from LITEON’s site, and it crapped out at “A3”. Would like to compare the file I downloaded from LITEON, with the actual dump of the 29LV160 TSOP.
i.e. in hopes of using hexedit to create my own DUMP, based on what I downloaded. (I know it’s the correct version based on my SN, etc). Won’t boot any further than the dreaded HELLO now.

I do know, based on this forum, (awesome forum btw) that the drive and system board have plenty of problems, and support from LITEON is crappy at best.

Using a real dump, I may be able to resurrect the system board by flashing the TSOP directly with my Flash Programmer (Needhams EMP-20).

My SN, 0104-1840-0090-BSOY (103-010D)

and the system FW I downloaded was LNHA1098.ES5

Where BSOY = the FW of the replacement LITEON 1633S Drive I was using at the time. Yes, the original DDW-451S drive had died a long time ago, like everyone else.


Was the LNHA1098.ES5 file downloaded from LiteOn? If so, it may have some how become corrupted, and you might try the LNHA1098.ES5 file at to see if that will work. Is TSOP a firmware for the 1633S drive? If so, please note its firmware or firmware for any replacement drive may only be changed by connecting to a PC for flashing.

thx for the reply:)

No, a TSOP => thin small-outline packages

referring to the actual file one would save if they read the IC on the main board, directly using an eeprom programmer. not the drive itself. the drive itself died a long time ago, along with everyone else’s.

the main board won’t boot anymore, after some more reading here, most likely due to the overheating problems others here have reported.

it’s all good. it will wind up in the trash anyway.


hello i try to dump full flash 29LV160 but i see the flash ic have lock bit
i try to unlock and dump all but tell me you have MX 29LV160 OR AM29LV160