LVW5005 Manually Editing & Finalizing Unfinalized / Invalid DVDs

I’d like to know if there is some software that will allow me to edit (basically label) & finalize unfinalized / invalid DVDs burned on the LVW5005. I’ve been using PHILIPS DVD+R (8x) & BENQ DVD+R (8x) to record TV shows with the LVW5005. It appears the DVDs have been written to when I visually inspect the DVDs. I remove the DVDs to finalize at a later time. When I load the “burned” DVDs, the LVW5005 displays “INVALID DISK”. Other times, I will leave the “burned” DVD in and attempt to label or finalize. The display on the machine will read “STOP” and, at times, I can only power off/on the LVW5005 in order to remove the DVD. I have cleaned the lens of the LVW5005 using a DVD cleaning disk & also have cleaned the “bad” DVDs with a cleaner with the same results. Hopefully someone will be able to offer some help. Thanks.

Does this mean the originals are “toast”? I’m really looking for software to finailize the original disks, not make copies of the originals. Thanks for the info.