LVW5005 Issue R+ not reading anymore

Have been using Verbatim R+ and RW+ for 6 months in LVW5005 with no problems reading etc. Over the last month the odd R+ that read without problems previously would fail to load, and I would get the front panel ‘FAIL’. All RW+ read and play fine, now I cannot get ANY of the R+'s to read, load and play. Last night I updated both the system and drive firmwares, but this did not fix the problem.

DVD R+ burnt on PC = ‘FAIL’ DVD R+ burnt in LVW5005 multi title now go into ‘prepare’.
I’m stumped.

Any help would be appreciated

Are you finalizing the disks? It happens sometimes when the 5005 will not read a disk for some reason. If the disk is not finalized yet because you still want to record to it, use the protection button in the edit section, select the title you want to protect and hit the edit button, then turn protection on for that title. Do this for all the titles on the disk until you finalize it.This will prevent the 5005 from “preparing” the disk again when it can not read it and making it unusable.

I had protected 3 titles on the disc and was going to add another couple - But I cannot get the disc to read and load up the menu to finish :sad:

I had this happen to a couple of HP+r’s that were on the bottom of a spindle. I dunno, maybe bad media. Tt won’t read any of the DVD’s that it previously burnt and they are finalized? Have you cleaned the drive with one of the disc with the brushes on it?


Did that happen after you applyed the latest firmware?

After I did it on my 5005 I could not continue using my multi title discs TEON 8x branded. The LVW5005 just says “no disc” after traying to access it. The “not so funny” thing is that I have burnt more the 20 discs without any problem before applying the fix for the Cabbage Face sindrome released a few weeks ago.

Does anybody else have this “new” surprise with the 5005?


@Heart2Brazil - good point maybe they changed something in the media table in your case but Peter said it happened before he applied the updates that he got.

Thanks for the replies guys… But to further explain my problem.

The DVD R+ recorded previously in PC and Liteon played and read fine. I could add to multi titles etc on DVD’s recorded by the Liteon.

Without changing anything (firmware etc) the R+ DVD’s slowly started to have the odd read ‘FAIL’ where if I opened and closed the tray several times it would pick up and read etc. So it was intermittent with the same R+ discs. Now it is a permanent read issue. It was mentioned about cleaning the drive witha cd cleaner - But ALL the DVD RW+ read everytime without issue, its only the R+ that fail to read.

Could it be a hardware failure?
What makes an RW+ different to read than an R+?

I only updated the System and drive firmware (098) in an attempt to solve this issue, but it did not and did not cause any new problems with playback of my RW+ discs.

Peter, the same thing with the few HP+'s I had that were not finalized but protected, insert, fail, insert, fail, insert then read and play like new until, kaput they wouldn’t. Hmmm did ya try our friendly LiteOn tech support, to see what they say?

The difference between +rw and + is a little over my head. All I know is the +rw don’t have to be finalized but the +r do to play in other players. Crazy thing with the 5005 format, a dvd recorded to but not finalized in the 5005 could not be read by either of my PC based LiteOn DVD combo burners.

JM, as far as I know, the r+ and r- are same in sense they must be finalized to play in a player other than one created on. I have a couple of non-finalized r+, r-'s that I created initially on the 5005, and play only on the 5005. (forgot to leave enough space for finalize). As far as not playing on the computer liteon burner/player, may even go beyond if was same physical liteon drive in both liteon 5005 and computer one, may be related to the 5005 intial encoding also…but not sure on this.

To Brazil, I also have a couple of Teon’s 8x that were fine intially, will test with this latest firmware to see if still play…that one is interesting, if not disturbing!

Sounds like a hardware issue.
I had the same problem with an APEX player. What happened then was that the laser lens slowly fell out of alignment. So it went from the occasional failure on some discs to nearly total failure on all discs. The solution then had to do with taking the drive and tray apart and reset (stretch some springs) the laser lens.

@Trak101 - what a job, nice work - I can’t even get the bezel off the ddw-451s tray!! :slight_smile:

@larry - with the r+ and r- thing I wasn’t trying to play them but copy the video_ts folder off the dvd written by the 5005. Also crazy thing I have recorded on the 5005 'til I received the disk full message and was still able to finalize:confused: Crazy 5005’s:bigsmile:

@peter - have you tried to use a different brand r+ media ? There is something in the LiteOn Hardware recording forum about erasing learned media. I’m not sure what this does but I’m gonna look into it.

-re: larry - with the r+ and r- thing I wasn’t trying to play them but copy the video_ts folder off the dvd written by the 5005. Also crazy thing I have recorded on the 5005 'til I received the disk full message and was still able to finalize-

The 5005 will always appear to complete the finalize process, even if recording filled disc…I made this mistake several times, and in each case these discs would still all play in 5005, but not in any other standalone I own. I kinda surmised really didn’t finalize. Never tried though in computer dvd rom, or burner…

@peter - have you tried to use a different brand r+ media ? There is something in the LiteOn Hardware recording forum about erasing learned media. I’m not sure what this does but I’m gonna look into it.[/QUOTE]

Yes thought I’d look into that, bought an Imation R+ as recommended on Liteons site. No luck - plays sweet on PC, but "FAIL’ in the 5005…Looks like 5005 will not read ANY R+ media now, so have arranged a replacement LVW5005 which I should get in a few days. Will post results to forum when up and running (hopefully) again. Thanks for all the replies and help guys.

@peter - good luck with the replacement!

@larry - my disc full message followed by the finalize worked in other players. Hmmmm crazy 5005’s:confused:

Have a replacement model now and it will read all my R+ disks without a problem. So it turned out to be a hardware failure.


Good to hear it. Good luck with your new machine.

BTW is this your 2nd LiteOn? I am in my 4th already.
My first three machines (one 5001 and two 5005) I returned because of hardware failure. My current one is the 5045 I got at Costco a week ago. So far no jitter, only a little “Blueberry Face” (Rsrsrs), however less noticeable than the infamous “Cabbage Face” on the 5005.

On this new machine even the TEON 8x are working fine. They weren’t on my last 5005.


:iagree: Yes its only my second one, no problems with current with the replacement. I guess at that price you put up with the odd teething problem. I’m still happy with the Liteon and would get another. I especially like the ability to keep upgrading the firmware as the engineers tweak the box. :smiley:

But then again I am in the PC manufacturing industy and see the Liteon as an IT box, not so much a consumer electronics product like the Sony, Panasonics etc. Tinker tinker tinker…broken :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with you. I like LiteOn. I am in my fourth and I’ll will keeping buying it for two reasons besides price:

First, as you said, the engineers keep upgrading it as they twek the sistem. I feel they are alive even though slower than I would like.
Second, for me it has been proven that it can (and certainly will) break, therefore the only place I buy it is at Costco. They get it the broken thing back even after six months. No questions asked.

This gives me the time to wait until LiteOn gets it right. I am glad we have people like you from the computer manufacturing industry that can help them with wise observations and sugestions. They (LiteOn people) need that to speed up the process.

Tchau, H2B

The quandry here??? Liteon is ROCK SOLID in the computer cd/dvd burner market. They don’t issue many updates, not because they are lazy, but there s*** works in this market…But I think standalone is a different animal, and requires the motherboards, interfaces, i.e. to work properly. Liteon here has been very aggressive (one of if not the first “all-write” media machines) Although some pain with the 5005, I really don’t think anyone has this technology down pat as of yet (check other forum re other manufacturers complaints…)…but I think overall Liteon is on the right track in this market, and like other posters have said, they continue to tweak due to their experiences and feedback from users like us…a lot of other companies come out with a new model, and yours becomes obsolete (and guess what, you paid a lot more for this vendor’s product!) !

My 5004 (replacement for 5005) has, what sounds like this same problem, It will play any disc recorded by it but any +R made by the old 5005 or on PC will result in a fail/invalid disc.

The liteon records to all formats in VR mode so cannot see how that would affect matters.

I cannot say whether it came with the problem or has developed it as I cannot recall if it played the 5005 discs when I first got it.

Suppose I could move onto machine number 3.