LVW5005 disc tray won't open

Help! I have a LVW 5005 DVD recorder and it won’t eject the dvd that is in it, Any suggestions how to correct this fault?

Move the 5005 close to your PC connect the cables goning to the drive on your PC to the drive in the 5005 and then eject the disc from PC comands.

Thanks for the suggestion CCRomeo, I will try it out in the next few days and report back.

This Happened To My Mates 5005
It Was The Drive Motor In The Dvd Drive,
I Swapped It For Motor Out Of Spare Cd Rom Drive
Witch U Can Now Get For Couple £ Second Hand,
& It Worked Fine.

Had exactly the same thing happen to me, and here is what I found. With a great deal of difficulty, I managed to get the cover of the drive off, and found that the DVD was STUCK on the spindle, which would not allow the spindle to retract and the tray to open. I pried the media off the spindle, and found that the manufacturer had used some sort of rubber or plastic, very thin ring on the spindle, probably to provide traction and prevent chattering. This ring had turned to very sticky goo. Some of this material even stuck to the DVD. I cleaned the residue from the spindle, and re-assembled the drive, and it worked, but was noisy. So I took it apart again, and cut a ring from some very thin vinyl-coated fabric from an old gadget pouch, and stuck that on the spindle with double-stick Scotch tape. It’s been working fine ever since. I recall that the drive itself was not made by Lite-On. A friend of mine had a similar failure with a Sony internal DVD/R drive, so I believe this is a widespread problem. Lite-On will not acknowledge it, or repair it, or provide a replacement ring. In the case of the LVW5005, I believe the drive has firmware specific to this recorder, and you may not be able to use an off-the-shelf drive as a replacement. Unless you’re prepared for this painstaking repair, replacing the entire recorder may be the only option.