LVW5005 and divx

I am full of questions tonight.

  1. Is there a way to watch divx on these recorders?
  2. I have tried both + and - media on my LVW 5005 (all write type) and cannot get my Apex 1100 or 1200 to see it. Did finalize the disks as well. Used the recommended disks, tried 3 different brands from the compatibility list. No hacks to my machine and it is brand new.
    Am I done with what I can do to get those DVD players to “see” the DVDs I recorded? It was tv shows I recorded. :confused:

afaik - you cannot play divx files.

The second problem may be related to the fact that the liteons use a slightly different format (DVD+VR) rather than the DVD-Video format. Most but not all DVD players can handle DVD+VR.

You could rip the programs to a PC and reburn as a DVD-Video file. That assumes you have a PC and burner. I use DVD+RWs on Liteon but use my PC to make permanent copys.

Thwere are many packages that will rip the disks including freeware programs such as dvd decrypter, dvd shrink, or commercial programs (Nero Recode etc).

Thanks for your reply, I see you are one of the guys on this forum with some good advice for the noobs such as myself. Thanks alot for your help, if not for people like you and others here we (noobs) would be lost. I hope to share more ideas in the future.

Use a utility program like DVDInfoPro to check the +R discs after burning to make sure the book type was set to DVD-Rom when the disc was finalized, otherwise the Apex won’t be able to read it. I had that problem with my 5007 until I got the drive to do bitsetting so it could finalize properly now it makes discs that will play ok.

LiteON has a utility for reading and changing booktype here It called booktype135 and will read the dvdv type of the dvd;s. It is also used for booksetting burns of DVD+R/+RW to DVDV-rom on PC based LiteOn burners.

Thanks JM1647 and ArizonaSteve,

Good information.

I forgot that my version Nero automatically sets DVD bit type to DVD-ROM (you can set it to do it by default as well).

Incidentally, I have a “cheapo” unbranded ASDA (large UK supermarket) DVD player and it reads almost anything, even direct from my 5002 (which does not have a bit setting function). I guess this issue is more a function of the inate ability of the DVD player.

Thanks everyone, I hope to be Seeing my video soon.