LVW5005 2 hardware? serial 0102 and 0104

well I found why some lvw5005 have 3 hours other don’t.
When I go to liteonit site, they ask for the serial, and my serial start 0102, (made oct 04) and it’s give me the LNFA1091.ESU.0102.184x.rar file. this is the 1091 and no 3 hours.
I install this firmware.
Now I try with serial start at 0104 and it’s give me LNHA1092.ESU.0104.184x.rar the 1092 version, supposed to have the 3 hours recording.
I try to install, and it’s doesn’t work, no message for upgrading.
I would like to have the 3 hours recording, but how can I make it?
So, conclusion, there is 2 model hardware, not compatible firmware, the serial start with 0102 (no 3 hours) and 0104 (with 3 hours)
This not solve my problem, but mayby someone can find a solution. Mayby editing the 1091, but I have no informations about this.

Look here for the 3 hour patch

Current hardware will not accept software patched in this way, according to numerous reports.
An additional layer of checksum protection has been added, and it will refuse to accept the update.