LVW1105HC+ won't upgrade


Got an 1105 the from Dixons (UK) and it won’t upgrade to the latest frimware. (DivX playback seems jerky and KVCD playback distorts after a while - these same disks playback fine on other hardware.)

Downloaded the firmware file and used Nero to make an ISO disk, when I put it in the player it just says ‘data disk’ and that’s all that happens. Have tried using different ISO options and finalize the burn but doesn’t make any difference.

I rung Lite-On support and was told the present firmware is old and that I should upgrade firmware - they said they’d post me out a disk with the upgrade on themselves but still not received it.

Any suggestions?


I have came across this situation with the same model, however it looks the firmware being put on must be of the same type already loaded. Could you check what firmware came with your DVD recorder? This should be located on a sticker to the right of the DVD recorder (at least the drive I seen).

On the recorder I updated, I tried putting LNMPE018.DA5 on a CD-RW written in ISO mode with Nero, however I got the same symptom as yourself in which the DVD recorder reported ‘Data Disc’. I spent over an hour trying different recording applications (including the Windows own disc writing utility) as well as different extensions (DA0, DA1 . . . DA9), etc. Then I checked the sticker to see that it had ‘LNMRG018’, which looked quite different. So, out of curiosity I downloaded the German firmware and noticed it was in sequence with what the drive had loaded - ‘LNMRG019.DA3’ :rolleyes:

As the menu’s language and country regions list both English / Ireland and German / Germany respectively, I figured I would be able to change the settings back to English and Ireland if everything appeared in German, so I went ahead and wrote the ‘LNMRG019.DA3’ file to CD-RW using Nero as before and when I popped in the disc, it asked if I wanted to update the firmware. I selected ‘OK’ and the process began. During the update, the tray ejects and when it finishes it asks the user to repower the system. Once I done this (put the unit in standby and powered it back up), the menus came up in German. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally, I selected English for all the language options, set the country to ‘Eire’ (Ireland) and retuned in the channels (both UHF and VHF) without any issue. :slight_smile:

Yep, that worked. Thanks!

Came here from another thread about upgrading the LVW1105HC+

Having read the above I’ve read the label and mine says LNMRE018*5

The firmware downloads I have downloaded which I’d got from LITE-ON site are e.g. LNMPE018 (i.e. A “P” instead of an “R”).

I’ve done a websearch for this but found nothing. Tried this forum search but doesn’t appear to work (did search for LNMPE018 which should have at least found Sean’s post, but nothing found).

Can anyone shed any light on whats going on?

I’ve also read other forum posts about (I think) using the serial number to determine firmware level BUT not found an explanation of how this is done. My serial number is 016E-1240-0018-BC32 (2E54-0103).

It maybe that my firmware is up-to-date. The actual problem I have is that SOME Xvid encoded files are very jerky when played (consistently so). It is only SOME. I have a DVD with say 10 x 300Mb XVIDs on it. All are around the same Bitrate, Resolution, FPS. Some play fine others jerky.

Still looking around for possible solutions but thought the firmware update was the first to try.


Unfortunately LiteOn don’t list a firmware for your drive on the download section of their website, however I can confirm that they have the firmware hosted (but no link to it) by replacing the filename in the path of a known firmware with the firmware code of your DVD recorder: :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried replacing the ‘018’ with a ‘019’ but get a 404 error, which means that this is likely the latest firmware available for your model. As you already have this firmware version going by your drive’s sticker, unfortunately this means that there is no newer firmware available for your DVD recorder, at least at this time of writing. :doh:

Thanks Sean, looks like I am OK on the firmware side.

I’ve been working on the XVid problem and have now found the problem (and the solution).

It appears the LITEON doesn’t like XVids with “Packed Bitstream” (PB), once I’d figured this out there is actually some reference to this on other websites. It turned out that some of my XVids had PBs and others didn’t.

You can convert or “unpack” a PB file with programs like VirtualDub and Avidemux2 but a very simple and quick alternative is MPEG4Modifier from HERE. You simply run the program, open the file, it will analyse it (very quick) and show you if it is Packed Bitstream or not and give you the option to Unpack and re-save (IT DOESN’T NEED TO RECODE, SAVING IS ALSO VERY QUICK)

Not sure if this is mentioned anywhere else on this forum but if anyone who knows the forum better than I wants to put that information somewhere else you are welcome.