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robbie-uk - A nice tip about getting a revelant thumbnail when you can control the source input! And who woulda thunk it :bow:

Yep,would have to be the same source. :iagree:

@CCROMEO - that OTR thing has been well documented in the 5005 user manual on page 15

Not in the manual I have… :a

Liteon has all the product manuals available here The english 5005/5001 manual has it listed and the date of the pdf file is Jan of 2004.

It depends on the date of the manual you have. It was not in my origional manual from June 2004 it was in a second manual I received with a RMA. Most of the time when a user receives a replacement unit it will not come with a new manual.
Thought I was loosing it the 2 manuals are not the same.

Manual P/N 7819900610 (old) (no OTR info on page 15)
Downloaded Manual (no OTR info on page 15) (downloaded today)
Manual P/N 8719900610A (new) (OTR info on page 15)

Correct new user’ manual for LVW-5005 can be downloaded from:

Thanks for the new link for the manual with the new part #. Good old Liteon has a few different #s available for download and this one has a later date The link I posted obtained the 7819900610.pdf which does have it but I mentioned the wrong page number, sorry bout that…the screen shot I posted was from that manual.

And in my old downloaded pdf’s of the 5002/4/6 manuals it only refers to using OTR when recording via DV input.

My old paper version of the 5004 manual made no reference to OTR, my new one does.

Yup, CCRomeo’s link is the one to use to get the latest version. My link was for the old one but I had the Sept 04 .pdf on my desktop from where I posted the pics. I deleted my old link and replaced it with CCRomeo’s. Looks like LiteOn does not maintains the site link I posted any longer. Once again Thanks CCRomeo!

Depending on the media used and the recording style some people may not know they have a problem. Example I use use mostly +Rs that work fine you might not know that -Rs will no longer prep. If you record then finalize you might not know that it will no longer read unfinalized disks.

Since I don’t use +RWs often I may have had a problem for some time.

Caution signs:
+/- Media will not prep
Recorder will not read partly recorded unfinalized disks
Recorder will not read disks recorded on the same machine
Recorder will not read any original disk
+RW media will not prep
+RW media will not record
+RW media will not stop after record
+RW media will not erase (whole disk)
+RW media will edit erase but then no longer record
+RW media will not play in the recorder but will in another player
Machine make a clicking sound when trying to prep
Disks that fail to prep have a faint circle near the hub and will not read in a PC
Failed prep and the machine will not stop
Disk will not eject

Sure you try another disk of the same media type first
Then another disk same media type but different brand
Then another media type
Then +Rs and +Rs you recorded and finalized that played ok before
Then a recorded +RW disk that played before
Then an original disk that played before
Tried using a lens cleaner
Unplugging the machine for an hour of so
Trying a system restore
Trying to reflash the firmware

checked and retried everything once more

Thats all I can think of to do.