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I know the forum has a search function but having good things in one spot would be nice. The forum is getting big and there are many good tips and hints from many users scattered through out. Why don’t we use this post to list the hint/tip with a little blurb and the number of the post with a link to the topic it is in. If the hint or tip is not in the forum yet list it here.

Like this:

Protect your recordings from accidental erasure before finalizing the dvd.
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Get the 5005 in a ready to record mode to avoid the recording delay.
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Let’s not use this post to discuss the Hints and Tips but just list them. I’ll create another post “LVW-XXXX Hints and Tips Discussion” for further discussion if it is needed for that.

Remove macrovision, make region free and add 3hr mode (if not there already). Manual hacks explained by worknot (pops) and Oilman. Thanks to them both!
Post 1 & 2 in this topic

Want to have a nice little program with options of what hacks to do? It’s ILO/Liteon Hacker! The program was written by Mr. Wizard and is made available by Guitarman. Thanks to them both. Links to it and a discussion are here:

To get firmware/system updates go to:
Pick your model and then when you get to the firmware download page enter your country and YOUR serial number from the setup screen. If an update was available do it/them following the instructions given and after your done then go back and check again.

This works on my Sep '04 US 5005A
If you want to change your region code manually go to the setup screen and highlight EXIT, then on your remote enter 2 9 6 0
Then select region free or whatever region you want to and then hit the setup button on the remote to exit. If you ever have trouble with a DVD not playing because of the region code, it is easy to change the region code to whatever it needs.

US 5005A Sept 04 with the ddw451s drive - media codes as of the latest available updates from LiteOn as of today. See attachment to post #8 in this thread

More firmware media codes are posted in the new Media Code topic here

Unplug it for a while, it’s a remedy that worked for Raised Grain - see post #9 at

Do a system restore to default with the firmware cd/dvd in the tray has helped me and others to get the firmware update to take when file or data disk showed up.

I hope this section is opened to contribution. :slight_smile:

I have four of these units and they all work reasonably well for the last 6 months that I have had them. All my setups have plenty of ventilation and one thing I find also important is that I use an accurate bubble level to make sure the DVDR recorder is sitting perfectly level. You can use small card board/paper shims to level the unit.

Below is a cut and paste, with some italic remarks added:

Issue: (1) Random jitter in the image, randomly while viewing or recording. (2) Green tint, randomly when playing and/or recordings. (3) Mono tuners, not stereo. The stereo is only using RCA audio (red/white wires). (4) Overheating.

How common is it? (1) Random, yet very common. Tends to happen more on 1163 or later firmwares. Note: that is a USA R1 number, other region firmware numbers vary slightly. This seems to be a problem more on 5001, 5005 and 5006 units. Or ones using those mainboards. (2) This issues seems to infect only the newest LiteOn models (like 5045, 5007) and ILO models. It is about as random as the jitter, not everybody sees it. Latest firmware may alleviate some of the green hue. (3) While there may be a couple stereo models, most are mono. (4) Very common, especially on the models that have no fans, no heatsinks, and no air vents, or combination thereof.

Can it be fixed? (1) Yes. Downgrade to 1143 or older firmwares. (some units can not be downgraded after a certain recent firmware). The work-around is to hit SOURCE a couple times to cycle back to it. This can also be caused by overheating. (2) Recent firmware upgrades are reported to correct this problem. But since the nature of the error is random, this fix is unlikely to fix every unit exhibiting this problem. Try it, and cross your fingers. (3) No. This is the hardware of the tuner. It is dual-channel mono, so it’s not like you’ll only get audio from one speaker. Since many tv shows are mono, especially anything syndicated, this will not be noticed by most people. Many have used cheap stereo VCRs as a feed into the LiteON RCA inputs (4) Yes, with some custom work. Simply removing the cover will provide decent air to keep the unit from failing. Further work yields even better results, such as -A- drilling holes in the side of the case (remove the cover, do not drill into the unit while it is assembled), -B- cutting a RAM heatskink in half with a hacksaw and using thermal tape to attach it to the LSI chip, -C- installing a small fast fan to blow air across the motherboard, and out of the drilled vent holes. This will also correct most jitter issues, if the fan blows LOTS of cool air across the heatsink. This setup may be slightly noisy, but no worse than a computer, ceiling fan or air conditioner, which most people have running anyway. Some of the oldest firmware is also known to run hotter on the chips, too much code activity going on in them.
Will it break again? This question is moot for the first 3 issues, seeing as how none of them can be fixed. Just work-arounds, hopeful patches, or hardware limitations. For (4), this fixes the cooling issue permanently, and often corrects the jitter issue most of the time.
Related myths: The drive model affects the jitter or heat. This is simply not true. The drive model has no effect on any of the LiteOn flaws.

thrunner - sure the Hints & Tips post is open for adding hints, tricks and tips or putting links to a existing post in the forum. Just trying to keep it nice and tidy by just adding the hints etc. here, and discussing them in the Hints & Tips discussion post. Thanks for the tip

see this post by robbie-uk for the 3hr specs

Heres one for people who like messing around with things…Sometimes,when copying films or home movies,the thumbnail shows blank or the very beginning of the titles,which is not much use…If the thumbnail’s important to you,…Play the source film and pause the player on the picture you want as the thumbnail…Press record for a second,( make sure it’s started recording) then PAUSE the Liteon, rewind the film on the player to start,play and then release pause on the Liteon.If you’ve got it right you should have a relevant thumbnail.When you play,you will have the title/thumbnail for a second and then the film…Dont forget,if you mess it up you can still stop recording and delete the bad section, EVEN on +r,-r discs.Sounds complicated but it’s not. :smiley:

When my 5005 is working correctly I like to:
Copy VHS tapes to DVD LP or EP speed is fine.
(Little difference 3hr or 4hr)
Copy from my DVR unit SP speed if I can.
(I use RCA cables rather than the 5005 tuner)
Backup some special DVDs to -Rs which seems to play on some players that will not play -R or +RW disks.

Find a brand of DVD that works well for you and stick with it. Some brands may Prep. and record OK then stick on playback.

When all is well I like to record to +RW, test and edit than use my computer to copy to -R or +R, then erase and reuse +RW.

NOTE 10 year old VHS tapes you may have may not play that well today. Copy them soon to DVD as you may not find them on DVD now.

Discovered Feature OTR in 30min units!
“If you press the red record button on the remote twice, OTR comes up in the top onscreen display and shows you thirty minutes have been selected, press it again and an hour is shown. So it increments in thirty minute blocks up to the maximum recording length you have previously set as default!” …“it is not the manual as it was a feature added in one of the firmware updates and the manual was not updated”
I wish it was in 15min not 30min increments but still nice to know about when recording a movie when doing something else (avoid the disk full message)
Thanks to

I discovered this after by error when I hit record button twice - then make a major search for information about this feature.

Hitting the Edit button while recording will insert a chapter stop. Tested and works on my 5005, 1105HC, and ILO DVDR04 (5001x rebadge). (Manual for 5005 mentions edit to insert a new track when recording CDDA).

@dentman42 - Thanks, this is also in the manual available at . The date time stamp of this manual .pdf is 2-15-05. There are several manuals around and this is supposed to be the latest.

Did you ever try to record a show then find out you recorded only the first 30 mins?
This happens when the display is turned off and you press RECORD but recording does not start instantly so you press RECORD a scond time and enter QTR mode which you don’t see as the display is off.
If the disc has been in the unit for some time eject it the reclose tray to get the disc up to speed so recording will quickly start. When starting to record leave the display ON, then turn it off. It you do see you are in QTR cycle till QTR is off.

This works for me, I use the method I described here to get it in the ready to record mode

hi im new to this site and need help please.
i have a lvw-5006 just done a firmware update to it and now it will not switch on, just says hello on the display…please help me

I purchased a 5007 dec 12 2004 and it worked out of the box. recording from a vcr through the front as well as off the TV using the TV Guide. I used Memorex DVD+R. The unit has the DDW451S burner.

I did the Dec 2004 upgrade and it continued to work fine.
In the setup I was seeing 0106-4140-0039-G2BD (104-0100)
I did the Sept 2005 upgrade and it also continued to work fine. At this time I was seeing 0106-4140-0040-G2BD (103-01OD)

In Nov 2004, I started getting the endless prep problem and the memorex disks would no longer be prepared. After a lot of investigation, it turned out that there was dust on the laser. Pressurized air didn’t get it off. I only got it cleaned when I removed the top cover of the drive and carefully cleaned off the lens. I hadn’t tried a lens cleaner–I’ll look into doing this the next time. This was dust that came from a home improvement project and would have been fine, heavy, particulate.

In the process of fixing the endless prep problem, somehow I also got the power recyle state, which is due to corrupted firmware. As described on other forums, the unit will turn on, start reading, be ready, and then drop back into the "sleep state’ and continue to repeat this cycle indefinitely. Calling liteon and getting to level 2, I got the advice that I had to:
have a firmware CD ready
ensure that the source was set to TV
press the front panel “stop” button while turning the power on using the remote
insert a cd with a firmware upgrade into the tray when the “insert cd” message appeared.

These steps were not easy to complete. I only had a few seconds to cycle through the source options when it is recycling. I kept hitting the source front panel button and finally got the timing right so that it would show TV selected before it dropped back into the “sleep state”.

The first firmware update I tried was the Sept 2005, and that wouldn’t take. The Dec 2004 did take, although it wasn’t apparent because I only saw something like “upd” on the front panel. I didn’t see any incrementing numbers and there wasn’t any information displayed to the TV.
After the Dec 2004 update was complete, the unit began functioning, and I did the Sept 2005 update.

Now it is again burning the Memorex DVD+R disks and everything seems OK.
Before I do any recordings, I always check the time seeting to ensure that it is correct.

And finally, once a disk has been preped, I leave it in the unit and finalize before removing it. I’ve found that removing the disk and reinserting it starte a new attempt to prep the disk which fails, and the disk is no longer readable.

hi from a first time poster.

i just bought the LiteOn 5045 a few weeks ago and upgraded to the latest firmware from LiteOn (v.203?) then i upgraded with the v. 203 hacked firmware.
i understand that i will need an external dvd drive attached to the Liteon 5045 to be able to record prerecorded dvd movies.
i was wondering if the Sony drx-810ul with firewire will work through the dv port on the front panel?


just got liteon dvd 16x rewriter no installation disc,now stuck hoping one of you folks know way around this please.steve

you don’t need an installation disc just set to master or slave plug it in turn the computer on and it should show up. Also play a origional movie to set the reagon.