LVW-5XXX Drive Firmware .bin files



If anyone needs a firmware for the 5005 I have my stock g2bd ddw-451s and thrunner’s B208 ddw-813s firmware that are backed up in .bin format.

Edit - added a link for thrunner’s ddw-813s B20G firmware.
Edit - added a link for afecu’s ddw-451s g2b9 firmware

Links to them are here


I just uploaded my g2bd ddw-451s .bin firmware from my 5005 to yousendit for roberton
here is the link

New Link now here .


Thanks jm!

(You know that the Lxxx1000.E20 firmware upgrade appears to have the same .bin file in it? Just take off the first 1024 bytes. I’m playing with an LVW-5007 I just got and I wanted to put the latest drive firmware in, and there’s no drive upgrade for that model… so I flashed the drive in a PC.)


@afecu - what did you use to compare them? My ddw-451s bin was extracted from my drive by hooking it up to my pc and backing it up with the codeguys firmware.exe . Looks like you mighta found a way to change LiteOn’s files to be able to use them with the codeguys program!


jm, I used a hex editor (on OS/2) which has an option to delete xxx bytes, then just compared the files on my PC. I used ltnFW to flash the DDW-451S on the PC; I don’t know if the LiteOn file could be patched to wok on the 5007.


This is interesting…the first 1,024 bytes were the same? I never bothered to look cause I backed mine up after the g2bd update. I should backed up the g2b9 one also but wasn’t thnking at the time.



no… remove the first 1024 bytes from the firmware as downloaded (the Lxxx1000.E20 file). Then the remainder is 1048576 bytes long and is identical to the .bin file you uploaded.


Thanks Jm!!!

does anyone knows what is the chip id from where the system fw is located in the 5007???


@afecu - I thought I responded to this before. THANKS ! I’ll check it out.


@afecu - I did some playing around with a hex editor called frehd in XP SP2. You sure it’s not 2048 bytes thats got to be deleted? That’s what I had to do. Thanks again for the info/discovery !!!


jm, you’re right. Faulty hex-to-decimal conversion on my part :frowning:


Thanks to CdFreaks Management the .bin backup firmwares will be available for download here at cdfreaks !!! These .bin firmwares were extracted from drives using the LtnFW tool. As with all dowloads use at your own risk and note that is not to be held responsible in any way.
here are the links:

my ddw-451s stock g2bd fw is [here]( g2bd stock
afecu’s ddw-451s g2b9 fw is [here]( g2b9 from

thrunner’s ddw-813s B208 fw is here
thrunner’s ddw-813s B20G fw is [here]( from

Any body that has backed up a different drive send it to yousendit and post the link in this forum or send me a PM and I’ll make it available for download here at cdfreaks.

Also any trouble getting the files here let me know.The links will only work while on cdfreaks.



Seems the latest update from LiteOn ILO doesn’t work on it and it changes the (015-xxxx) to (000-xxxx). If anybody does the 0101 update and updates their drive to BSOG and wants to back it up to a .bin send me a yousendit link or post it here. I wanna see how to extract it from the E30 update.



Anybody backed up the 813s B20G drive fw to .bin yet? I’ll make it available here for those that do not want to do the 1101\0101 update and see how to extract it from the 1101\0101 update.


Here you go JM

Zip file of two separate backup firmware and jpg showing the firmware version. For others who don’t know this, you will need the backup software from here:

Personally the drive firmware really never solved anything for me. After about 250 to 300 hours of DVD+RW recording, this drive has stopped functioning as a DVD+RW recorder, even with brand new Ritek DVD+RW discs, although it still seems to do okay as DVD+R and DVD-R recorder and player. This is not terribly surprising from a review of the LiteON 5045:


When it comes to DVD-R and DVD+R media, this Recorder produces excellent results with low PI and PIF rates and averages. However, DVD+RW media showed very poor results, especially with the included disc and Smartbuy media. While Verbatim DVD+RW showed a significant improvement over these two; this is still a very poor result considering how good Verbatim media performs with most PC DVD writers. DVD-RW performed much better than DVD+RW, with both discs capable of being played back in all PC DVD drives and our Sony standalone player."

Download URL:
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Here is a link for your reference:


@thrunner thanks for the file, I’ll try and put it up here today. Are the Riteks the same media code as before? I wonder if OmniPatcher by the Codeguys or Media Code Speed Edit by ala42 might help you with the rw problem?


Yes the Riteks are the same batch, same media code.

While I had the 813 drive hooked up to the PC, I did a test trying to just write about 2GB of data to a new Ritek DVD+RW. Although the drive did complete writing out to the disc, there were loads of errors even from the first 1% of the disc as I did a verification in Nero.

I think these LiteON drives just don’t work well or last very long, especially with +RW media (may be related to the advisory from LiteON that using some Memorex media will damage the drive? or was that just an excuse from LiteON for poor design/material?).

Well, I am not overly concerned or disappointed. I have gotten good use out of the unit and I can always swap out the drive if things gets worst.


@thrunner I just posted a link for your B20G firmware here. Thanks Again!

I also extracted the media codes from it using OmniPatcher and posted them in a new Media Code firmware topic. If the RW media code your using is not there you can add it using MediaCodeSpeedEdit by ala42. Everything about it is in the PC based LiteOn Burner Forum. Or like you said it is a RW problem. I really don’t use RW’s.


hi cdfreaks, i have a ddw-813s b205 lite on, looking for original fw/ FLNNDUO78 pls direct me in the right path for reflash…thanks, loconutz


hi cd freaks, i’m having problems finding the original fw for my ddw-813s b205 drive that came in the lite-on lvc 9006… is it possible to load the fw above to this drive? i’ve had this unit sitting for almost a month now… and can’t find a tech to help…input kindly appreciated, thanks ,loconutz