LvW 5115ghc+

New to forum,New to DVD recorders and not to bright. Purchased the above two days ago and is working fine.found update on liteon site
LNMPE 019 does any one know what it’s for ??
Thanks for any help.

Hi Brian, I’m new to all this too, but have used the update. It’s to update to anything new that has come out and also to get rid of the bugs that may have been in the old version. Really simple to use, don’t be afraid to do it. Pretty much automatic.

To install the firmware update on your DVD recorder, extract the file from the update Zip file. Write this to CD-R or CD-RW as you would writing files and document to disc. Then pop the written disc into the DVD recorder and give it a moment to recognise it. You should then get a message asking if you wish to perform the update. While the update is in progress, do not unplug the recorder until the update finishes.

If you use Nero or any other software package that supports verficiation, be sure to enable this option when writing the update file to CD-R/RW. I would recommend using a CD-RW free of any scratches, fingerprints, etc. as these can be erased and reused later should the firmware update not work or to avoid throwing out a disc each time you load a new firmware. :wink:

usually have problems putting the firmware on cd-rws. I had to do a system restore though cause the disk kept saying “Data”

Thanks for the info on copying the firmware to my player/recorder. I’m new to this whole thing as well. I’m having a lot of trouble getting my disks to read on other DVD players after finalizing them on my Lite-On. Do you guys know if loading the firmware will fix this problem? I’ve changed disc brands as well as types (used both -R and +R). I’ve tried the discs on two other players with no success.

Hi, I own a model #5115ghc, and I am trying to record onto dvd from my satelite dvr memory, and am not having very good luck. The dvd’s I produce (and playing on another dvd player) are “freezing” and jumping ahead, skipping and generally NOT an acceptable product. I have tryed different blanks, dvd+r, dvd-r, I have installed new firmware from Lite-on site. Anybody have any suggestions , help?