LVW-5115GHC audio out of sync even w/ Firmware update?



Got it today, tuner and front AV record fine, but rear AV records with the video slightly ahead of the audio. I flashed the firmware to the latest on the LiteOn site but it’s still out of sync. Should the flash have worked? I already submitted an RMA request w/ NewEgg for an exchange, FWIW.



I would return it to Newegg for a replacement. You forgot to mention that this unit is recertified. I bought 3 of these units for presents and all 3 work perfect. I did the FW upgrade too. My brother and my kids love this recorder. You might want to check the serial no to make sure the FW update took. I beleave mine was shipped with 019 and the newest one is 030. Good luck hope this helpped you.


Yeah I should have mentioned the recertification :slight_smile: