Lvw-5115GHC 16X Media

Is anyone using 16X media in the LVW-5115GHC ? There are warnings on the top of the packs that some hardware may not funstion properly.
Would it require any firmware update ? I just bought one from Costco - Canada for $159. If firmware updates were required, how
would you tell what your current one is ? I see there is a number shown after the serial number at the bottom of Setup page…syd

From my experience, I have not had any issue using 16x media (+ & -) in Lite-On DVD recorders, including the basic LVW-1105HC+. Generally most 16x media will work with drives going all the way to early 1x DVD writers. However, you do need to be careful with DVD-RW and DVD+RW (rewritable) media. For example, some (if not all) 8x DVD+RW media requires a drive capable of writing up to 8x to DVD+RW media.

To be on the safe side, I would recommend installing the last firmware as generally the main improvement between firmware versions is the ability to support new media released since the last firmware release. If you have not updated the firmware on the Lite-On, you will find its factory loaded firmware version printed on a sticker either on the side or back of the drive.

The following example shows the sticker on my LVW-1105HC+ (see the ‘F:’):