Lvw-5115 Help!

Sorry to be such an idiot :confused: :confused: but not being that tecnical, I wonder if someone can help… I have Sky + and have linked the recorder thus… scart from recorder (bottom) tv in this go’s to sky+ vcr bit, then from sky+ tv scart to my tv… now this plays dvds, but does not record.

I read on the faq about digital not being able to tune in, but did’nt really understand it. :o

Do I need to have a scart from recorder (scart out tv) to tv, then scart from recorder (aux/decoder) to sky+ scart entry which says vcr

Sorry for advance for any stupidity on my part :sad: :sad:


Roger Mac

Welcome to the CD Freaks forum Roger :slight_smile:

From what I can see, your Scart connections are not hooked up correctly. You will need three Scart leads and two Scart inputs on your TV for a proper set up, but you should be able to get away with one TV Scart input or two Scart leads if you are short on either. First, remove the Scart leads from your equipment and perform the following:

If you have three Scart leads and TV has two Scart inputs, configure as follows:

[li]DVD Recorder bottom ‘TV’ Scart socket to first TV Scart socket
[/li][li]Sky+ ‘VCR’ Scart to top ‘Aux’ Scart socket on your DVD Recorder
[/li][li]Sky+ ‘TV’ Scart to second TV Scart socket

In this method, select the first Scart input source on your TV to watch DVDs or the second input source to watch satellite.

If you only have two Scart leads or your TV only has a single input, configure as follows:

[li]DVD Recorder bottom ‘TV’ Scart to TV’s Scart input socket
[/li][li]Sky+ ‘TV’ Scart to top ‘Aux’ Scart socket on your DVD Recorder.

Finally, in this method, switch on your DVD recorder to watch and record DVDs or switch off your DVD recorder and turn on your Sky+ box to watch satellite. This method does have the drawback in that any on-screen information that appears on your Sky box during a recording will also be recorded.

In either case, select select ‘Scart’ as the source on your DVD recorder to record from Sky+ and change the channel on your Sky+ box to the channel you intend recording from for the duration of the recording.

thanks for your help… yippee it works