LVW 5115 DV problem



I am kinda new to dvd recording but after lots of reading around I picked up the Costco 5115. All seems to be OK and I had no problems setting it up etc until I decided to transfer my vacation video from my JVC 520U camcorder to the recorder over the DV link [analog xfer works fine]. I see nothing in the preview pane except the controls which are greyed out, even if I hit play on the camcorder I see no video through the recorder.

Am I doing something boneheaded here, is the machine [one of them] defective or does this just plain not work ?

Any direction appreciated



If it’s anything like when attached to a Mac or PC, some cameras have to be in VCR/Playback mode while other models have to be in CAMERA/Record mode - may be worth a try!


If the camera is in “Camera/Record” mode, would it still be able to play back an existing recording? :confused: