LVW 5115 + Comcast: source channel?

Hi there, first I’d like to thank the guys here who provided great hack instructions. It worked flawlessly on my 5115.

Here’s a nagging problem. I have the 5115 connected to a Comcaset HDTV cable box through RF, and to an A/V receiver thru component. I couldn’t scan for channels, but if I put the DVR on channel 3, I was able to get pictures. The channels can be switched on the cable box only. I was also able to record TV in this way. As you can imagine this will be a pain in the neck if one wants to set up a timer recording of different cable channels. :sad:

I suspect the problem is caused by the preset channel source. It might be “channel 2” on the DVR but somehow “channel 3” set by Comcast? I’ve searched high and low for any discussion on this without any results. Anyone has any clue to this? Is there a way to test this? TIA.



We have 3 things in common.

  1. Same recorder.

  2. Same cable provider.

  3. Same problem.

I was wondering if you ever got to the bottom of this or if anyone in here has the solution.


murzin & forum,

I just found a thread that could help us both and others with the same issue.

Your comcast box output must be TV channel three

how do i determine that it is or it isn’t?

What Channel do you tune the tv too when you use just the comcast box?

When you are connected through RF you have only one channel coming in from the cable box - channel 3. That is normal. It is the mode for TVs which are not cable ready. That is a function of the Comcast box.

If you wish to use the Lite-On’s tuner you must split the input to the comcast box before the box and provide that signal to the Lite-On.


You will only be able to record unencrypted analog cable channels.
You will not be able to record digital cable, pay per view or on demand
You will be able to record a program while you are watching another
You will be able to program only the DVR for unattended operations.

Many cable boxes can be programmed to switch to a given channel at a specific time. You can program your DVR to record from channel 3 at the same time you have programmed your box for. But you will not be able to watch one program while recording another.

If you return your DVR, and purchase another brand, the same restrictions will apply to that unit.

I have yet to see a DVR or VCR manual which explains this situation. Your current installation is the standard way Comcast wires. In part because they do not wish cable-ready TV owners to return the set-top box and reduce their monthly bill.