Lvw 5115 @80%



After doing the recording of 3 hours on my LIteOn LVW 5115, opening the recorded media Memorex DVD+RW 4X on my computer with Shrink, it goes
to 80 percent analyzing the disk. I tried over and over with different
recordings and the disks cannot be read more then 80 percent. At first I was able to do a couple of disks then I got this problem. I have the latest firmware.
Any comments please.



It is hard to say what may actually be causing the problem as seems like it could be a defective DVD+RW, issue with DVD shrink, DVD-ROM compatibility issue or a dirty disc suface.

For a start, have a close look at the surface of the DVD+RW to make sure there is no scratches, fingerprints, etc. near the outer edge of the disc (unless this 80% issue occurs with several different DVD+RW’s). From my experience, DVD+RW discs are very sensitive to scratches.

To determine if DVD-Shrink is at fault, try copying the VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD+RW to your PC. By default, DVD Shrink authenticates and decrypts the disc and re-encodes the video such that it can fit on to a single layer DVD, which means that if you simply use DVD Shrink to copy the full disc to your PC, it is effectively the same as simply copying the files from the VIDEO_TS folder to your PC since the disc size is already single layer and has no encryption. If this folder copies over successfully, then the issue is with DVD Shrink.

While most recent DVD writers and DVD-ROM drives read all common formats, I have experienced issues reading DVD+RW discs in early DVD-ROM drives, particularly with older manufacturered DVD+RWs. Also, as most Lite-On DVD recorders tend to write poor quality DVD+RW recordings, it would be worth giving a DVD-RW a try to see if this helps. :wink:


Thanks on your opinion. I have used Shrink for some time and have no
problems when coping DVD movies. I tried to read the whole disk with Decrypter
but same thing, about 80% the disk cannot be read, and this is a brand new disk from the stack, and another one and another one. At first I had some DVD made that way with 5115, then this problem. Even with 5005 once a while I have this problem. I think I will change LiteOn brand next time.



Some have success using a different DVD reader. Instead of using a DVDRW burner to read, try a DVDROM or a different brand of burner. eg, NEC burner may read these discs less capably than another brand.