LVW 5105 timer recording problem

hi. newbie here. i have a weird problem and wonder if it’s easily fixable or time to get a new dvd recorder.

an intermittent problem has become consistent on nearly every disc now. even though the unit appears to start recording properly, it really only starts at exactly 2:37 in.
during playback, the unit hangs up until you get to the 2:37 mark, and then it plays back fine for the duration of the recording!

i have about 1300 hours of recording time on this machine and use Memorex DVD+RW discs, which had been working fine. the burner is a DDW-813S made in july 2005.

i’ve opened up the recorder and reseated and cleaned all the connections, including the laser lens.
i’ve also tried unplugging it for a few days and moved it’s physical location away from the tv and other equipment, which didn’t help.

if i record four 1-1/2 hour movies on one disc, the first 2 recordings work fine. the third and fourth recordings almost always have the ‘2:37 problem’. the only time it’s worked properly recently is when i set the timer to ‘over-record’. in other words, if i had, say, 1:34 minutes left on a disc and set the timer to record for 1:37, it worked fine!

sorry for the long post. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Did you check for firmware updates at the Lite On site?

yes, i did the only firmware update i could find, which was many months ago and for a different problem (erasing, if i recall correctly).

the liteon site doesn’t support this model anymore and emails to them have not been answered.

i just tried a couple more things. i tried doing a non-timer recording, but that didn’t help. i also tried a factory ‘reset’ using the setup menu, also to to avail.

when it gets in this mode, it also takes about 4-5 minutes for the recording to stop, whereas, when it works normally, it takes only a few seconds.

note: this unit is a LVW-5104, not a 5105. i mistyped it in the Title space.