LVW-5104 problem reading unfinalized discs. Is this caused by the media I use?

I have a two fold question, since the second question comes from the first.
I have an LVW-5104 which I bought about 1 year ago. It has just begun to be very problematic reading any dvd I have recorded on, but not finalized. Keeps saying, No Disc.

I actually bought 2 of these, and brought out the one never used. The discs the 1st one won’t read, do on the new one.

I called Liteon to ask about the problem and was told by someone (who I am pretty sure didn’t have a clue), that the media I am using is causing the problem.

I’ve been using Maxell and Memorex 8x DVD-r. The Maxell is on the “approved” list of media in their manual.

I would like to get the unit fixed, and will I guess have to look for a reliable source for that, but the real question is, did the Media actually cause the trouble. I don’t want to mess up this new one.



The media could be the problem. Try verbatim or ty media they are better. I use only verbatim in my Lite-On recorders.

It could be the drive is going bad. Most everyone has only been getting about 1 year out of their recorders and find they have to replace the drive. I didn’t even get 1 year out of mine and had to replace the drive. I have 5005X and 5115GHC recorders. Try running a laser lens cleaner and if that don’t help its likely the drive is bad.

Plenty of info. on this site on how to swap the drive. Good Luck and keep us informed.

Thanks for your input. Any recommendation on the laser lens cleaner?

I use a disc that I bought from Radio Shack. You Can get them from just about anywhere.

Some have one little brush some two I like the one from Philips more than the one from Maxell

The one I got from Radio Shack has 8. Thats why I didn’t mind spending a little more for it.