Lvw-5101 Recording Problems

I have a Lvw-5101 for 16 months.
It stopped Recording,Plays well
The Errors are No Disk or Unknown Disk.
I installed the firmware,it said Success.
But I still have the Problem
Can Anyone help?
Thanks in Advance

From what I can see, it looks like the laser in your DVD recorder is failing, especially if your recorder has no issues playback back content. For a start, I would recommend giving the drive a good cleaning using a laser lens cleaning disc. See the “General DVD Recorder FAQs” announcement for tips on choosing a cleaning disc, since some wet/dry cleaning discs can cause more harm than good.

Unfortunately, it looks like your drive is out of warranty. If you or know someone who is happy to try dismantling the DVD recorder, this may be worth trying to get direct access to the inside of the drive to clean the lens directly. Some people have reported success after trying this, but do no try this except as a last resort.

Thanks very much for the help.