Lvw-5101 IR?

Just got this recorder, and want to use it with my Dish sat receiver. The dishplayer, has a IR blaster, that turns on & off the record function on the vcr. The sat rec, has several 100 brand name IR codes, but I can’t get it to work with the LVW-5101.

So now I have double the work to record TV. I have to set the record function on the sat rec, and the timer on the LVW-5101 to correspond.

The sat receiver has a way of programing in a “special” IR code. Does anyone know the IR code for Liteon products?


This file from their FAQ says it’s an NEC code, don’t know if that helps. If that fails you probably need to contact the sat company to see if they can come up with a method of driving the Liteon.

Thanks slimgym for the reply, but wouldn’t even know what to do with the NEC code, if it did work! I’ll call Dish tomorrow, and see if they can help.

I’ve gotten to the point of being sick and tired of fast forward, and rewind, and trying to find programs in the middle of a tape. Plus, vcr’s wearing out, and having to replace them. But I have to say, so far, that I’m not impressed with the SLP(6hr) quality, compared to the VCR SLP.

Just pointing out that the unit uses an NEC code so it might appear on your sat box as an NEC. I wouldn’t use anything beyond 3hr mode really, the resolution drops to awful, discs are cheap enough. I normally use 2hr for recording and 3hr for archiving.