LVW-5045GDL+ Probs recording from SKY

Hi all, new here and wanted to post a quick question thats probably been covered already but can only see it for older looking drives and want to know detail for this drive.

I bought this drive from Amazon Uk (UK Liteon 5045GDL+) in Sept06 and have been delighted with it, apart from one thing. I did the region unlock through the remote and I updated the firmware at the time with the one at that time on lite-on’s website.

However it has always given me problems recording some channels on Sky, not the movie ones(dont have them) but thinks like Discovery and Discovery Home and Leisure (Trying to collect up all the Wheeler Dealers Series)

Sometime it records fine but mostly it will start recording and then recording pauses and it says onscreen Cannot Record - Source is copyrighted (or something like that). It will pause the recording, sometime unpausing and continuing for a short while but mostly not, just sits there with the recording paused.

I copy my DVDs on my computer so not bothered about them. However I find the above annoying, does Sky have Macrovision or some other protection.

Can you hack the firmware for this problem, and can this be done on the 5045GDL+ (seen it for other Lite-on Models, but wanted to check). Hope someone can point me in the right direction specific to hacking this exact model or whatever.

As an aside, cracking forum, keep up good work, will be regular on here now, full of good info.

Thanks for any help given, appreciated

yes firmware can be hackedt o avoid macrovision protection, which should cure your problem.