I have a Liteon LVW-5045 DVD player/recorder that I’m trying to replace the DVD player. I have the top off and all screws removed but can’t get the player free from the face plate. Is there a secret combination?


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wcleland, if the drive is the all-plastic type, take the screws out from the top of the drive and see if you can manipulate the drive tray to get it open. The face plate clips on to the front of the drive tray; you might be able to get it to come off if you tilt the drive up from the back, but what you really want to do is extend the drive tray even if you have to destroy the drive to do that. (There’s nothing in the drive that’s of further use – you only need the mounting hardware from it.) You might also be able to drill a tiny hole through the front panel to reach the emergency eject release on the drive, but I don’t know off hand where it is on the drive. Or you might hook the drive up to a computer and eject the tray that way, if it still opens.

Hope that gives you some ideas…


Thanks. After reading of all the problems with this unit, I decided to scrap it (although I got the drive out).