LVW-5045 with a SOHW-1693s

Hey All.,
swapped out the DVD drive in my LVW-5045 with a SOHW-1693s
“WORKS GREAT” for all DVD but the ones I get at the store or rent.
loaded firmware from 197 to 204 with no luck.(stock & hacked)
It will load the DVD and then stop.
Now on the SOHW-1693s the firmware is KS0B.
Please help…

Now you may ask why didn’t I just send it back??
I did send back the LVW-5045 because it didn,t play any DVDs
It took 6 months for Lite-on to send it back ( yes i was mad )
They said the part (DVD-drive) had to be shiped from overseas

I think you must upgrade the firmware with the origional drive then swap the drive