LVW-5045 undelete



can you undelete to recover lost files on the 5045 HDD?


Unfortunately, once you delete a movie from the HDD, the Lite-On recorder itself offers no method of retrieving it back.

However if you urgently need to recover a recording its HDD, you should be able to connect the HDD up to a PC and use any file undeletion tool to retrieve it. From what I remember reading before, the Lite-On uses FAT32 (or something compatible) to store its recordings as some have put the hard drive in their PC to backup recordings from it. If this is the case, any undeletion tool that works on FAT32 should be able to restore the recording, assuming you have not made any further recordings to HDD or performed disk defragmentation. :doh:

Just be warned that if you do decide to open the cover, you may end up voiding your warranty on your recorder. From what I can see, there are no visible seals on the recorder itself or its screws. In my Lite-On LVW-5045, there is some tape covering the cable from the IDE DVD writer, however this is not the case with the HDD and it looks like the HDD can be easily removed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just tried it. There was no trace whatsoever of the deleted program, and I tried 3 different undelete programs. The volume name of the HDD showed as LITEONFAT.


I just hooked my Liteon Hard drive to my computer. I was running win98 and could not get the drive to clone ((I’m thinking this is a 137(?) gb limitation issue???)).

I’m going to do this again in my win2000 system. I could see that an undelete program might not see the deleted program but I would think a “drive recovery program” or one that visualized all the files physically on the drive might be able to save it?? ((I saw a free one at shell city touted just last week))

I did a little looking around on the hard drive and I found a bunch of 300-400 MB files but did not find any larger. Does liteon store the 6 hour recordings in some different way or did I just not look long enough?? It is interesting how the drive looks so different in Windows than it does on the tv.

PS–in my last talk with liteon level two folks, I mentioned an “undelete” function was mandatory for all software programs. The tech made a note to advise management of this suggestion. I’m sure it will be in the next upgrade package. (smile!)



There is a possibility to get erased files back, that involves using data recovery tools. I’ve happened to feel that all myself, when valuable files were accidentally erased. However, Undelete tool was able to restore them, without corruping the one. You can use it to bring files back if they are valuable indeed.