Lvw-5045 U.S. - TV system NTSC & PAL

Hello guys,

I’ve thinking to buy a 5045 for a while now, but once agai support at LiteOn has disappointed me.

See, my problem is this: I currently own a 5005 which has the capability to switch from U.S. NTSC and european PAL when it comes to SIGNAL INPUT.
You accomplish that by accessing the

TV-TYPE menu under Setup -> System.

I need this because my sources are both NTSC (tapes, DVDs) and PAL EU (Satellite, VHS).

Now, i know for a fact that the European version of the 5045 has this option, BUT it costs an average of 475€ (about 600$), while the U.S. 5045 is basically priced at half that!! :wink:

But apparently it does not have this feature (two different people at liteon gave me diffrent and conflicting answers) and i don’t want to waste any money on it if this is the case. :confused: :confused:

Can anyone who owns a U.S. LVW-5045 check the setup menu and tell me if it has this feature??

Instructions on how to do it are at page 44 of the PDF manual (available at the liteon website under downloads).

Don’t know if the printed manual is the same, though

thx in advance