LVW-5045 Some Questions

Hi, I just got a LVW-5045 very cheap but I’m having some problems getting used to it.

My first problem,
it kept freezing after turning on. So finally I decided to have a look in the inside myself before taking it back. The cables were loose on the HDD!!! So I fixed that and screwed it back together again!

I updraded to the newest hacked 204 firmware to help get rid of any bugs from older FWs.

I have several questions but my main concern:

When I record on the HDD I cant access the DVD and I can’t watch previous HDD recordings either!! That can’t be normal can it?

All the other DVD/HDD recorders I’ve tried allow watching DVD’s or previous HDD recordings while recording on the HDD.

I actually never tried this - assuming it would not work. Timed recordings require the machine to be physically switched off so that clearly won’t work. I would not expect to be recording something on (say HDD) and be able to watch the DVD at the same time - would be great if it did though :slight_smile:

Sorry, not much help