LVW-5045 questions



I’m thinking of getting one of these. Could someone who’s used one answer a couple of questions for me:
#) Is it simple to “pause live TV”
#) When setting up a recording using “easy guider” does it show you a live feed from the channel/input it is going to record from.
thanks, Arthur


I don’t have the 5045 but the 5005. The live feed will be shown when you go to record. I’m not sure about the 5045 pausing live TV though.


Here is the link to Liteon’s info page on the LVW 5045. It claims that you can do time shifting such as live pausing.


Thanks, that’s useful to know.
Do you know if the 5045 responds to “autoview” signals from Sky digibox?
(where the timer in the digibox is used and the digibox sends a signal to the VCR/PVR telling it to start recording at the appropriate time). I know Panasonic PVRs support this.