LVW-5045 Protected source error

I am experiencing problems with recording movies from my satellite. It doesn’t happen often, but sure is annoying when it occurs. I set up a timer to record a movie and the timer aborts because of “protected input source”. This may occur 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 of the way through the movie or it may even happen 5 minutes before the end (I would expect this within the first 0 to 5 minutes of the start of the movie, but not as far into the movie as it is doing).

Also, I really cannot believe that there would be any MV signal present in such broadcasts. Not only should I be able to record ALL movies broadcast, but the ones it is screwing up on are so old that I don’t think they even thought of copywrite protection! (1930’s).

Does anyone have any advice on this? Is it simply random or bizarre noise that is triggerring a false copywrite protection signal? Is this an inherent problem for LiteOn DVD/HDDs? I have the latest LiteOn firmware installed for the LVW-5045 and have tried older versions, no help with this problem doing that.



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Yep, there is copy protection on preminum channels know as (CGMS)
which is used by the DVD movie companies to stop piracy. '
Take a look at this site:

However, there is a fix to this problem and it’s time to use: Sima GoDVD CT2
it’s available on ebay or do a google search for it.

After heading this post I checked my system; I selected HBO on demand recorded the movie on my LVW5005 hacked with [U]no problems[/U].

I had the same issue with my Liteon LVW-5045. This is due to some cable companies and sat feeds may set the CGMS flag/bit for certain programs or channels as Macrovision3500 eluded to. The problem is with firmware (203) and beyond. I UPGRADED (sarcasm) to 203 before this problem started. It didn’t show up right away. 203 is coded to honor the CGMS flag. I solved my problem by returning to an older version of firmware (201) available for my model. Never had a problem since.

I see you tried reverting to the older firmware, but had no luck. Perhaps you can find some useful information at this site: