LVW 5045 play back problem (plz help)

Hi to you all got the liton 5045 only really use the hd for recording and the dvd for playing, I want to archive some stuff onto disc and tried 4 types and not one of them would pick up, ok no probes quick update on the firmware and we should be in business.

Got the uk firmware for liteon website LNJCE205 put it on cd updated, retuned and tried the blanks I have again not one of them worked??.

After the up date I can not play any R discs (yes play) it keeps saying DVD VIDE where the O should be is a opened pad lock and when ejecting say I should finalise the disc to make it compatible with other players. The discs are finalised (have played them before no probes). Originals and any thing I copy onto a dvd-rw will play. :sad:

So I hunted the net for a older firmware put it back as it was and found and downloading the 204UK.ZIP and the play would not even pick up on a cdr same brand as I use to do the 1st upgrade with liton firmware, so I put it on a DVD-RW and got it installed still the same if anybody here can help me please thanks in advance. :bow:

Just like to say what a great forum have all ways come to cdfreaks for news never really looked at the forums. :clap:

Try powering down the machine 30 secs then back on and insert media it should then detect it Its summat to do with 5045 holding the last disc info in its memory