LVW-5045 Mismatch of the tv signal when burning DVD

Hi !

I have Liteon LVW-5045 HDD+DVD Recorder.
Our tv signal is PAL. But I also record NTSC DV tapes to DVD sometimes. When I adjust NTSC settings, I could record ntsc tapes to dvd many times before. But sometimes when I try to record NTSC from liteon’s hdd to DVD, I get the following error :

The function you specified is not supported due to mismatch of the tv signal of this disc.

I get “Wrong signal type” message when I try to burn ntsc tapes to dvd directly.

I got this message before. But I don’t know how, I could record it in the end. I unplugged all cables, then I plugged in again. So, I didn’t get any error messages.

If I always get this error message, I can give up burning NTSC tapes to DVD.
But I did it many times before. And I did it on the same day when I send this message. By the way, there is no problem when I burn VCDs from NTSC tapes. It seldom occurs when I burn NTSC tapes to DVDs.

I can’t understand. If there is a problem, I must always get this message.
But as I said before, I did it many many times without any error messages.

Thank you for your help.


Have you enabled the High Precision Event Timer (HPET) and set to your OS (32Bit/64Bit)?