LVW-5045 Lite-On set top recorder handles multi formats

I just posted the article LVW-5045 Lite-On set top recorder handles multi formats.

 Looks  like Lite-On has come along with a set top box that takes the worry out of which  device to chose. The device can handle all "dash" and "plus" varieties of  DVD discs - write once...
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Its too damn ugly… :r

Yeah I wish we had a better picture. Maybe somebody can find one. But, from what I can see it looks like a styling from the 80’s. So I agree.

When the quality is so low like the other Liteon-dvd-recorders forget about it :r

hey come on now, looks cheap is cheap, but it does what it’s supposed to do. i know i have one.

I do not like this focus on releasing DVD Recorders all embedded with hard drives, it makes the price tag really heftier and personnally I don’t want to pay for this.

got to admit ur right, price diff, don’t reflect price of drives these days,£120 for recorder, £350 for one with h/d out of order

This product is on the market since November, why such a wow?

It is probably a lot more popular these days, and the consumers want it at the same time with the Tivo frenzy, so companies I guess kill two birds with the same stone and make higher profit margins this way, plus benefit from a lot of opportunities like this one.

I am a big fan of LITEON DVD writers for my PC - but when it comes to this miserable piece of bulky looking shite I say FUCK YOU liteon for this ugly piece of fucking crap that looks bigger than a fucking VCR ! I would NEVER recommend buying a liteon standalone DVD recorder - the picture quality is UGLY, lots of artifacts, poor quality components and SHIT sound… You are better off getting an MPEG2 capture card a DVD writer or getting a PANASONIC DMR series, but not this SHIT. I can’t believe how big this motherfucker is.

Multi Format my ass… where’s DVD-RAM ??? Adi

:r If you would add a top loader and some buttons for channels 2 thru 13 plus 3 extra for “premium channels” it would look just like the VCR i paid $1500. for 20 years ago! Lite-on needs to hire some art fags from Target stores! :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL art fags - good one !