LVW-5045 Firmware upgrade nightmare!

Thanks for the prompt reply!

Though if anyone can let me know how to tell what firmware I currently have, that would be awesome!

I’d hate to try upgading the FW if my recently purchased machine shipped with it already.

BTW, I purchased it from here;

and follwed the code to make it region free listed on that site too.

@outerspacerace - it’s probably on the back of the 5045 on a lil wihite sticker. Go to your setup screen, you should see some numbers (on the 5005 theyare in ther top right hand corner) like this XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (XXX-XXXX).

Post the internal serial number from the setup screen and we can help find the firmware you have.


The number is;

0132-1640-0197-B20B (001-010D)

That was actually much quicker than me unplugging the thing from my cabinet and checking the sticker, but if this number is no help I can do that when I have more time.

Thanks in advance.

@outerspaceace - now this is the better of the two

You have the 197 firmware and the latest for your 5045 is the 201 file listed for download. I’m not sure of all the benefits this does for the 5045 (I have a 5005) but you can get it already MV free and 3hr mode here

Jim, thanks again!!!

I’m so tempted but a little scared to install any hacked firmware…

I’m always amazed by how smart some folk are out there, to enable 3 hr mode did the hacker basically get into the firmware settings and change the bitrate or something?


It was a hack to enable the 3 hr recording that was there before and disappeared.

is there a hacked mv free version of the 203 firmware for the 5045?

203 is now posted on my site. [font=Arial][size=2]