LVW-5045 F/W 0204 Release Notes?

Does anyone have the release notes for the LVW-5045 firmware version 204 that was released last month? I know it’s a shot in the dark, but I really like knowing what it is these updates do before applying them. I figure they’ve got to have the information hidden away somewhere.

I don’t think LiteOn is providing this information anymore. They did have some notes when they first came out with the 5045 but they were hard to read because they were interpreted from Asian.

For what it’s worth this is my experience with updating my 5045 which I bought at the end of 2004. As I recall the upgrades were released on these dates:

193 Jan 2005
197 Apr 2005
201 Aug 2005
203 Feb 2006
204 May 2006

When I first bought the unit it would constantly hang up and I needed to pull the power cord to recover. Upgraded to firmware 193 and hangups weren’t quite as bad, but they were still there.

Upgraded to 197 and no more hangups.

Upgraded to 201 and couldn’t see any changes.

Upgraded to 203 and everything went to crap. I couldn’t see any picture improvement but it wouldn’t record reliably so I went back to ver 201.

Haven’t tried 204 but I will. I just haven’t the time right now.

To further elaborate on problems with 203. I may be incorrect in some of my explanation and I’m sure someone will correct me :cop:

It is my understanding that Macrovision copy protection comes in 2 forms. The first form would introduce noise in the analog video component sync pulses which would play hell with older VCR’s and the picture would vary from light to dark. Newer DVD recorders would sense this and prevent recording. There are hacks to prevent this type of copy protection. You can check out Guitarmans site for further information.

The 2nd form of copy protection has digital information encoded which if sensed by the 5045 will cease recording and display an error message which I think says “Protected input source” and the 5045 will stop recording when it senses this type of protection.

This 2nd form of copy protection is what was implemented with version 203 and it is the most insidious. It seems like the TV stations that would use this form wouldn’t implement the signal until a program was nearing its end. IOW I would be watching a recorded program and 5 minutes before the end it would stop recording and I would get the message “Protected input source” :a

I hope this new version will have corrected that problem but I doubt it. It is a big problem for me to install a firmware upgrade because all of the channels have to be rescanned etc,… :rolleyes:

I have heard that protected source problem before with the 5045, but I haven’t seen it myself. I talked to tech support about the firmware update, and of course they didn’t even know what it did, but they told me that one of the things they’re working on is improving macrovision. Who knows if it actually works, though.

The new digital form of Macrovision protection may depend upon whether your cable/satellite provider wants to include the protection or not. The programs that I recorded that would quit right near the end were supplied by Comcast in The Seattle Wa. area. It may not happen if you receive signals with an outside antenna. And IIRC it would happen consistently with the TV program “Bones”, which was on our local FOX channel 13.

For the life of me I cannot understand why the DVD manufacturers would want to implement this form of protection. If all TV stations start using it, why would anyone buy a recorder. :confused: I understand the reason to protect DVD recordings, but why would a TV station not want you to watch their program at a later time, the commercials are still there. :confused:

I finally got around to updating my firmware to “204”. It worked for about a month and then while trying to record “Numbers” on CBS, it only recorded the first 5 minutes and then stopped with the “Protected input source” error.

Looks like I’ll be going back to version 201. :a