LVW-5045 ERROR: Protected Input Source on

LVW-5045A(Purchased in August 2005, 198-US firmware), 203-US is current firmware

When timer recording (different channels (NBC, CBS, PBS,WBN), times and speed) from the internal tuner(U.S., NTSC, Standard Cable, directly connected to Comcast coax via high quality 1:3 splitter)I sometimes receive a Protected Input Source error, indicated by an orange triangle with an exclamation point instead of a green check mark . Sometimes the recording will not happen at all, sometimes it will record for two hours before it stops.

Tech support at Liteon has been no help. One tells me to upgrade the firmware, the other indicates I shouldn’t have. I tried different/older versions of firmware, fine tuned channels, etc…etc…

If I was trying to record HBO or via a cable box/satellite feed, OK, put PBS, ABC, WBN, NBC. And if it was protected content, why would it record for 1:48 of a 2HR show and then crap out…Copy protected commercials??? Noisy/dirty signal from the internal tuner???

I would appreciate any comments or ideas.

Thank you


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Interference is the most common cause I’m aware of to cause the LiteOn to fail with a false ‘Protected Content’ error, particularly when it comes to recording from VHS tapes containing camcorder footage or older degraded recordings.

For a start, I would recommend trying firmware version 203 to see if there is an improvement as the LiteOn will let you go back to an earlier firmware if you need to go back. From what I heard, this version also has a different method of checking for Copy Protection, however it is not clear if it is more sensitive it copy protection or less sensitive to false detection, etc. :rolleyes:

If you don’t mind using modified firmware, you can try loading firmware where copy protection detection has been removed. However, please be warned that using modified firmware will likely void any warranty on your DVD recorder, particularly if anything goes wrong with the modified firmware loaded. See this thread for more information. :wink:

I have a lite-on 5045 running the 203US firmware. I experienced the protected source error for the first time yesterday, trying to record to the HD ‘It happeded one night’ off Turner Clasic Movies. (I’ve had the machine since just before Christmas). I was wondering if this was part of a field test on a new copy protection/anti-recording method. (CGMS-a???) Does anyone have any information? If I can’t timeshift this recorder is going to be an expensive boat anchor.