LVW 5045 - Defragmenting problem

Hi guys,

Could any of yous help me out? Defragmenting takes so long now, often I don’t get to complete the process because it stops at about 5%. I’ve always had to switch the player on and off to get out of the process. Often, when I do that, some of my video files are unreadable. Can anyone help me out? Do I need to upgrade my firmware? My SN ends with B20B (001-010D)… do I need to upgrade to the new firmware 193?


If you have firmware version 193 or earlier, I would strongly recommend upgrading the firmware as the early firmware versions were plagued with problems. I have experienced file corruption myself using firmware version 197 after performing several defrags and this was without switching off the DVD recorder during the process, however I have not got around to defragging the hard drive with the latest firmware, version 203. The latest firmware version can be downloaded via the Lite-On website:

As I have come across a few others reporting about file corruption after a disk defrag, I would strongly recommend avoid defragging the hard drive unless you start finding the DVD recorder run quite sluggish, such as navigation, merging titles, etc. Then if you need to perform a defrag, make sure you back up any titles to DVD that you wish to keep. For lengthy titles that are too big on a DVD, use the ‘split’ feature to chop them in half and store each part on a separate DVD. :wink:

Thank you Sean!! I will try to upgrade my firmware.

Regarding the defragmenting process described by Seán above, I would like to amplify a bit from my experience with the LVW-5045. If you defrag a file on the HDD that is longer than 2 hours, you will lose any material in that file after the 2 hour mark. This includes the ability to play, edit and record anything after that point.

The distinction here from what Seán said is that even though the file may have been recorded with compression higher than SP (like LP or Just Fit) AND the file would normally fit on a DVD (even though it is longer than 2 hours), the damage in defrag happens at the 2 hour mark, regardless of file size.

I am not sure why this happens but I have experienced it a few times. The missing program material appears to be lost, maybe in unlinked clusters in the FAT. I have upgraded to version 203 firmware, but this probably is unrelated to firmware.

Defragging does sem to create more hassles than it solves… I’ve lost quite a few recordings now following defrag… I think this 2 hour figure seems to apply to most of the ruined recordings. Thanks, now I know not to bother until any long recorings are split first. I’m currently using Firmware 204 (UK) but haven’t yet been brave enough to defrag. Now the DVD Drive’s packed up totally - I’ll add further news as that progresses…

I own two of these units.
I have upgraded the firmware.

The first unit bought I had to have replaced.
Defrag is bad on this type of unit. Different than on computers.
Both of my newer units, I have never ran defrag and no problems.

The 2 hour comment is a gross exaggeration. I’ve had plenty of recordings on my drive that were 3, 4 and even 6 hours and with the bad firmwares, only occasionaly would files become corrupt when defragmenting. Though I still would never consider that acceptable. With the 197b firmware and the most recent 204 firmware I haven’t experienced any defrag problems. The problem with 204 however is it seems to recognize the broadcast flag, or at least thinks it does, and sometimes stops recording in the middle of a program.