LVW 5045 bugs/firmware bugs

I have upgraded to the 196 uk hacked firmware. Worked fine to start with. Then 23 pages of recordings on the thumbnail viewer whent blank. I cannot play or transfer these recordings to dvd, if I try then the 5045 crashes. Also all my previous recordings on dvd disc that were made on the new ‘tuff discs’ dvd-r are not being recognised by the 5045.

Also the 5045 is making a similar noise to those nuematic road breakers whic is worrying. I believe this to be coming from the dvd drive.

Can any one help with these problems, is there anyway i can retrieve my recordings on the hard drive aswell as on the dvd disc (most were not finalised yet and even the ones that were finalised do not work)?


No one has answered?====

I had same problem 2 months ago. Liteon advised the unit was broken. I got rma and a replacement machine. No problems so far. Hope you did the same.

As to recovery, I’m sure you would have to take the hard drive out and connect it to a computer which would void any warranty. If you are out of warranty==no reason not to do that and see what happens. I’m sure the data is “there” and that many data recovery programs can get to it either free or cheaply.

From my experience, I have encountered a rapid tapping sound come from a faulty optical drive as well as from a bad hard drive. In this case it seems like your hard drive has given up as you mention that you cannot view thumbnails or play existing recordings. If your drive makes a rapid or frequent tapping sound with no disc loaded, then it is very likely the hard drive that has failed since the optical drive stops operating within a few seconds without a disc.

I attached an audio clip of a bad Maxtor hard drive. With this drive, it makes a continuous tap.tap.tap sound for a minute, pauses a few seconds and then makes a rapid tap-p-p-p… sound like a pneumatic hammer-drill. :confused: The recording has both examples.

If you cannot view any recordings on the LiteOn and the recorder makes noises upon powering on, then there is very little hope in being able to recover the recordings. However, if the recorder remains silent for a while upon powering up, then chances are that its FAT has gone corrupt and it may be possible to pop the drive into a PC to use a 3rd party file recovery tool to recover the contents. Just be warned that removing the hard drive will likely invalidate any warranty on the recorder. :rolleyes:

I’m only a new mod to this particular forum as I have recently reviewed a LiteOn LVW 5045. :wink: (35.2 KB)

Hi leaglebob and Sean

Thanks for advice. I gave up with my 5045 on Wednesday and sent it back for a replacement.

It became useless at most tasks. I could not record to any type of DVD disc as they were not being recognised. I could not play my recorded discs that were not finalised, as they were not being recognised. I have my wedding and honeymoon discs that I cannot play anymore as I did not finalise them! :sad:

Can these be recovered some how , if they do not play on my replacement5045? :confused:

Also the hard drive failed several more times, again deleting recordings. The only thing that actually worked was CDs and also was able to record CDs.

If the replacement one does not work properly and the new firmware we are waiting for does not improve the 5045 then I will seriousely think about getting the new LG-539 HDD DVD recorder.


Really the Best Solution is to REPLACE YOUR DVD BURNER on your 5045 unit. I experienced all the problems of not being able to record onto any type of dvd media after a couple of months of usage. I upgraded the firmware and still experienced the same old frustrations. I remembered my old Lite-On cd burners and how they always gave me problems which could not be resolved even by updating the firmware. As a desperate measure, I opened up the unit and replaced the burner with the Maddog burner (a brand which has never given me problems) from my computer (change the pin setting to Master). IT WORKS GREAT!!!

If you want more specifics, let me know.


Hello MarkSterling. You wouldn’t happen to have any pictures of your burner-change-operation, would you? I’m just curious to see how it’s done.

Sure, I posted the pictures at

just had a look at your pics. I need to do the same? Will any DVD burner do? Does the one in the pictures fit in the opening like the origional?