LVW-5040 .avi playback?

Is it possible to play AVI files on the player just like MPG – is there a firmware?

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I assume you mean the LVW-5045, as there is no LVW-5040 as far as I’m aware of. :rolleyes:

Unfortunately, the LVW-5045 is incapable of playing .AVI files, even with the latest firmware. However, the LVW-5045GDL+ can play MPEG4 & DivX .AVI files as well as DivX .DIV and .DIVX files. :wink:

If you are interested in seeing all the codec’s both are capable of handling, this is LiteOn’s specifications page for the LVW-5045 and also LiteOn’s specifications page for the LVW-5045GDL+ (European versions).