anyone help!!! Where do I get the modified firmware from? I thought I had downloaded the latest modified firmware, but when i write it to cd nothing happens, tried numerous times and getting desperate now, can some PLEASE tell me hor to update the firmware correctly
Thanks gary owens

Welcome to CD Freaks :wink:

Just out of curiosity, which country was your DVD recorder bought in? Most of Lite-On’s models require firmware specific to the country of purchase. For example, if you bought the DVD recorder from an online store in Germany and live in the UK, then you would still need firmware specific to German models to update it.

Alternatively, if you can have at a look at the drive’s information plate (likely on the rear), post the firmware version that is already on it (usually shown as “F:” followed by five letters and a 3 digit number) and I’ll have a look to find a matching update.

hi there, thanks, i found firmware 197, burnt to cd and hey presto done, lol I am hoping this will take out macrvision and enable me to back up my old vhs tapes to disk,
thanks again
gary owens
in the uk

hi gary,

please can you tell me where to obtain Firmware version 197 for a lvw-5026 in the uk ?

i want to downgrade from version 204, to see if i can upgrade the HDD using older firmware.

Using firmware version 204 i get the “error code 0x810d0004” message on boot up using a 250Gbyte HDD formated using mkdosfs -v -F 32 -s 128 -n LITEONFAT I: …formated this way based on related ILO threads.

Haven’t yet spotted a solution to this error on other sites yet, but there is a suggestion that firmware for lvw-5026 may have an inbuilt 80Gbyte limit…so the larger HDD fixes used on the ILO and 5045’s may not work on the 5026.

I’m hoping though that an older firmware version may not have this limit…so worth a try if i can locate it…

b.t.w. recently swapped out my old burner from the lvw-5026.
First tried a DRW-6S160P05C out of my PC which i’d bought cheaply from PC World…works ok, but fast-forward function locks up the set, requiring power-down and re-power…strangely i can’t find this model listed on the Lite0on site.

So actually ended up buying an older SOHW-1693S liteon burner off of ebay for a few quid, This works great ! including Fast-Forward. I read in a related thread that the newer drives may have a newer chip set which is why FF doesn’t work using them.

Rather than hack at the box to stick the drive internally, I just sat the SOHW-1693S along side the lvw-5026, & ran a longer IDE cable and extend power cable to it, just filed off the lip on the case and bent it out slightly to create a gap for the cables to come out…looks & works fine.

all the best


hi, found uk fW197 for the 5026 & this fixed the problem (B.T.W I also hacked it using Mr Wizards tool also) so now I have a new burner SOHW-1693S (&FF works fine) and a new 250Gbyte HDD (formated using mkdosfs -v -F 32 -s 128 -n LITEONFAT I:) with over 110hrs recording.
Looks like FW204 does a check of the HDD partition size and throws an error if its larger than 80Gbyte…so i’m stuck with FW197 for now until i work out how to mod FW204…

Anyone know what bugs FW197 has compared with FW204 ?