LVW-5026 GHC+ Playback problem


I have the LVW-5026GHC+ recorder for a while now and it’s beginning to act weird during HDD content playback. When playing back a recording, my TV set switches its input channel. This happens irregularly when watching the recording. Sometimes I can watch the recording for 10 minutes without a problem and then again the issue occurs multiple times per minute.

It is as if the television set does not recognize the input stream anymore and switches to another input channel (different scart input or simple TV).

I already tried switching SCART cables and scart input slots on the TV set and event tried on a different television set with the same result. Also tried removing all other connections to the TV Set and it still switches input channels during playback.

to be sure, I already reset the recorder to factory settings and erased the HDD completely, but the problem is still there.

Any recording that I copied to DVD I can watch without a problem on a different DVD player.

My current connections setup:
DigitalTV Decoder Scart out 1 -> TV set Scart in 1
DigitalTV Decoder Scart out 2 -> LVW-5026GHC+ Scart In
LVW-5026GHC+ Scart Out -> TV Set Scart in 2

Recorder system info: SN: 013A-0242-0018-B20M (2F80-010D)

Any ideas of what is happening? It’s driving me nuts. I was first thinking this was an issue with our new LCD TV, but with our old TV set we noticed the same issue.

Thanks in advance.

you have to try to disconnect the pin 8 of the scart.

thanks, I have done exactly that severel days after I originally made this post and since then the problem stopped.

thanks anyway :slight_smile: