LVW-5025GHC+ Dual Layer and bigger HD question



Hi guys and gals,

Just joined this site after getting a Liteon 5025 from SVP in the UK (ordered a DD-100x, but they delivered the wrong unit!!). Everything is running soothly, except i have two queries-

1/ Can the firmware be hacked/replaced with the higher models’ firmware so that Dual layer discs can be written (the higher spec model has this option, the 5045 & 5055).

2/ Also, what kind of HD is in the unit? Is it a laptop drive (2.5") or a standard 3.5" IDE? and can it be upped to a larger size. I read the thread about adding the drive, but was having difficultly in reading other users replies (does it work or not)

Thanks in advance


Anyone?- surely someone must know!! :slight_smile:


The hard drive is a 3.5 Inch and from what i can tell it cant be upped to a bigger capacity as the size is stored in the firmware.

Their has been no information on anyone upgrading their dvd recorder to a higher model so it seems unlikely.