LVW 5025 Protected Input Source

I have a liteon LVW 5025 GHC+ dvd/hd recorder. Recently when trying to timer record “Grizzly Man” off the Discovery Channel (it was on Satellite TV in the UK) I got a Protected Input Source Error. I suspect this is some form of protection on that particular channel, though I have never come across it before. Although the programme was 2 hours, the recorder only recorded bits of the programme (only a couple of minutes worth). Is then any proven fix for this (I know this problem has beenb referred to on this forum, though I cannot seem to find a straight answer). I do have the multiregion fix enabled and (this problem apart) have been more than happy with the machine. Whatever I do try, I do not want to damage the machine.

sounds like the Satellite TV went to protection with copy flags; don’t panic try other stations such as HBO… If you still have the problems you may need something like Dimax Grex or Sima CT-200.
It is not a region problem, and the Grex or Sima do nothing to your machine.