LVW-5007 - Stops Recording By Itself



My cable company only offers DVR’s with 40hrs, so bought a 5007 to grab TV movies & sports off of there when I need to make space.

The unit powers up & starts up just fine, but it will only record for about 7-10 minutes before stopping on its own and reformatting the disc (DVD+RW).

I called the support line, and they told me first to update the firmware. Done. No help. Next, they said to try using the coax input instead of the RCA or S-Video. Done. No help. I found this forum today, and it sounded like the Macrovision deal was what was causing my problems, so I used the tools on this site to ‘correct’ the firmware and again I updated the unit.

It helped, but I’m still just getting about 20-30 minutes of recording time before it stops & reformats. Any other ideas on why this might be happening?


Try using a different brand of media.