LVW-5007 pauses when recording

I’ve had a the LITEON 5007 for a few months, and it has been a little trooper, recording shows off of TV. But the other day I found a few old home videos I wanted to transfer to DVD. Well thats when the problem start, since these videos are no the best copies (they were record on VHS in the 80s) they have some static/fuzz. Well, it pauses at these parts and then records with the video comes in clear again. Is there any way to fix this, I have hook up my VCD through RCA outputs and RF and it still doesn’t work. My VCR doesn’t have S-video so I could not try that. I have also updated the firmware to current version. PLEASE if any one can help please do.
Thanks in advance…

Does it pause or stop with protected content coming up on the screen?