Lvw 5007 mod idea

does anyone think a mod is possible to integrade an ethernet into the unit? ehternet would be nice for a quick download of the guide and maybe remote location access from the web to change recordings.

Don’t think so. I have one, and a little more control over the Tv guide would be nice. Integrating ethernet would require a lot of engineering i am sure.

I wish you could tell it to only get listings at a certain time. It changes the damn channel when it is off and we are watching tv.

I just replaced the drive in mine cuz the first took a dump…at least I can record now, but it still won’t play some disks.

Does yours freeze up a lot or dump the TV Guide (i.e., the listings are blank) from time to time? (I’m running the latest firmware.)

I like the unit, but it’s buggy and I can’t rely on it like my Tivo.

I think if you leave the unit on when you are watching TV, it won’t change the channel on you.

There’s also a way you can jump hours ahead into the listings.

Mine hasn’t dumped em too often, unless I do a firmware upgrade or something like that.

Sometimes I want the DVD unit off, and want to use my regular video cable box, and it will sit there and turn the channels on it. I wish you could say “only get listings between 12:00am and 3:00am” (I am using IR blaster)

It is pretty cool though-kinda tivo like - i had to replace the drive in mine though cuz it kept “preparing” (aka wiping out disks) … im still not 100% happy w/replacement drive. Its really loud when recording

Will yours record a show if the unit is left on? Once I set it to record, but left it on, and it was just stuck in the “pause” position and didn’t record. They say in the manual to turn off if you want to do sched. recording. That’s kind of dumb…

I haven’t tried to see if it will record when left on. The manual indicates otherwise in the troubleshooting section.

Coaxial 2003
What type of drive did you use as a replacement for the 5007. Mine has also stopped working–staying in the preparing phase.